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Every high performing organization measures sentiment. The case for assessment can be growth agenda, pulse on employee topics, cost measures or talent programs like DEI and Culture.


This needs custom surveys specific to your unique ecosystem.


There is a significant difference between boxed surveys and a custom measurement that is specific to your organization capturing employee inputs relevant to your situation. We can speak your language, understand your leadership considerations and connect with employee pulse.


We can help you manage through a change journey,  measure feedback with employees or respondents and run sophisticated quantitative and qualitative analysis.


Our strength is that we are HR experts having designed social behavior’s programs. 

Our past experience is in creating board materials for DEI improvements, creating HR dashboards stitching and cleaning data from multiple systems apart from consulting leaders on what the data is revealing to take actions.


We have expertise in working with HR systems data and visualizing results in PowerBI and Tableau. Everything is to meet you at the opportunity within your context, building a dashboard or deciding actions to take from data insights.  Unlike out of the box solutions or large HR consulting, we are affordable and work to your organization’s HR needs.


If you are struggling to connect all of HR data with attrition, compensation, diversity, talent pyramids being disparate, we can help.


If you are looking at payroll affordability, cost cutting or optimization- we can help in your situations to evaluate and guide options.


We are experts in HR data and can help provide a visual product in PowerBI as well as maintain ongoing reports for your needs. 

Coaching is a unique relationship that has a multiplier effect. The impact coaching on the leaders makes on the organization is far more pervasive than any measurable process or financial metric.


We work with leaders from Asian origin, women managers or small company entrepreneurs. Coaching is trust based relationship that requires self effort and time. It requires change in perspectives that are helped when there is a common platform shared between the coach and coachee. 


We have a wide range of coaches that support us depending on the engagement.  We offer a complementary session for you to discover possibilities of coaching benefits.

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